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Support for local rescue charities

Concorde IT Group supports the Cave Rescue Organisation

Concorde IT Group is proud to support the Cave Rescue Organisation, a charity working to save lives above and below ground in the Three Peaks and Malham areas of the Yorkshire Dales.

Founded in 1935 and based in the Yorkshire village of Clapham, the Cave Rescue Organisation (CRO) is celebrating 80 years in service this year and has attended over 1750 incidents including cave and mine, mountain and fell, climbing and animal rescues. Over 2650 people between the ages of 5 months and 87 years have been given assistance by the CRO - an amazing achievement!

The CRO currently has over 80 volunteer rescuers and is regularly called upon by the authorities to perform mountain and cave rescue duties and to assist in incidents of a public service nature (such as searches for missing persons). 

Concorde has provided the charity with new IT infrastructure to help with their day to day activities. 

As part of their Charity of the Year programme for 2015, Concorde also support the Association of Air Ambulances who works closely with CRO. The organisation represents the majority of air ambulance charities and ambulance services that operate locally in the UK as air ambulance emergency services. All of these receive no Government funding yet each mission can cost around £2,500. 

To find out more about the CRO please visit their website or to support Concorde's Charity of the Year programme, click here

Photo courtesy of Steve Finch Photography