Continuous Data Protection

We provide a continuous back-up solution of critical file systems to prevent the loss of data generated throughout the day. 

Traditional technologies back up data on a 24 hour batch basis, leaving the data you have created during the day vulnerable to loss.

Our solution sits in the background of your IT system and creates copies of changes to your data as they happen so that if disaster strikes, you can essentially turn back time!

Traditional back-ups can only restore data to the point at which the back-up was taken however with our continuous back-up service, there are no back-up schedules.

Instead, you nominate the files that are to be backed up instantly offsite. Should an application crash or a failure occur, we are then able to restore the most recent file version with a few clicks of a mouse.


Benefits include:

  • No manual intervention
  • Single file restoration
  • Baremetal recovery
  • No tapes required
  • Incremental backup - or Snap Shot
  • Continuous data replication