We deliver internet connectivity from simple managed business grade DSL broadband to dedicated high speed leased lines, Private Wide Area Networks and MPLS. 

Our services cater for single site to large multisite companies. All our connections are actively monitored for availability and throughput 24/7/365 from our own dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC), Should your service develop a fault the our team will provide you with live visual email notifications as standard and the option of SMS notifications for critical links.

Choose from the following service options to most suit your company:

Managed DSL Broadband - Suitable for most single sited companies and businesses requiring a simple setup , and those with limited budgets whilst still catering for those who can afford downtime. DSL services have the option of a managed Cisco router and a service level to suit you wether you are choosing DSL Home, Business or Premium Business, choosing the extra enhanced care also guarantees a 20 clock hour fix in the event of a fault

FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) -  An FTTC connection is the latest generation of connection designed for clients requiring a high bandwidth, but at an affordable cost. FTTC is a cost effective alternative to Leased Lines or Ethernet circuits, and is ideal for businesses requiring the upload of large files such as artwork or video conferencing or online back ups. An FTTC connection can offer download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 30Mbps (this can vary depending on the distance from the cabinet and contention rate).

Leased Lines - designed for businesses requiring reliable connectivity and the least amount of downtime possible, Concorde offers our leased line service. This service gives you a guaranteed 1:1 Contention Ratio thus allowing you a high performance, reliable connection as an option you can choose to have a secondary  ADSL line as an automatic failover and as low as a 4 hour fix Service Level Agreement (SLA).

EFM (Ethernet in the first mile) - Created for businesses that require a dedicated, permanently available connectivity, EFM like leased lines have a 1:1 contention but quite often are lower in cost, giving a cost effective, high capacity and reliable service.

Wide Area Network (WAN) / Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Recommended for the more security conscious business with approximately 10 location/sites, Concorde provides a WAN/VPN Connection. WAN/VPN is a highly secure, end to end encrypted connection that can be completely flexible. Security is achieved using firewalls connected to managed Internet connections, either DSL or Leased Line or EFM.

Private Wide Area Network (PWAN) and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) - Concorde offers a cost effective alternative for companies with greater than 10 location/sites, MPLS is excellent for delivering a more cost effective and simple solution using a private network dedicated to the you.

Our customers benefit from unrivaled expertise in the provision and optimisation of business-class connectivity services. With us, you not only have access to new levels of available bandwidth but we can also help you utilise your connectivity to better achieve your business goals. Visit the links below to find out more.

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