The network is the foundation for communications infrastructure on which organisations increasingly rely for success.

We design, build and support IP based networks that optimise communication, connectivity and bandwidth through a single core infrastructure, enabling you to operate in the most efficient manner possible – whatever business you are in.

Every one of our networks are designed with the sole purpose of supporting your organisation. Each solution we provide is bespoke and has been designed to provide the Quality of Service (QoS), bandwidth and security your organisation needs to deploy powerful voice, data and converged applications.

When designing any network solution, we take the time to understand our clients’ business challenges so that they have a platform that will enable them to modernise and grow easily and quickly, reduce the cost and complexity of doing business and increase the quality of customer interaction.

Cabling Services:

We offer services that cater for all your business requirements and have over 20 years experience in this area.

Data cabling is a highly skilled job and at Concorde we practice the very highest standard.  Our team of professional cable installers and technicians deliver an unprecedented level of workmanship.
Concorde can assist in all areas as our service covers the planning, implementation, testing and auditing of cable solutions.

We can deliver complete solutions or add cable runs to existing installations, from a simple network point test to the installation of a fully operational system.  We offer a range of warranties depending on the contract, a standard 12/24 month manufacturers guarantee or alternatively, on certain fully managed contracts, we can offer a fully warranted system with a 25 year guarantee.

Local Area Networks:

Our local area network services deliver the peace of mind that you local area network (LAN) is secure, reliable and maintained without the need for specialist internal IT knowledge or resources. The services, which cover the full range of LAN administration, configuration, management, support, monitoring, and maintenance activities, can be delivered on site or remotely. We believe that it is important that all the devices that make up the network are secure from unauthorised access; we therefore apply industry standard security practices to fully secure your network.

Before taking on the support of your LAN, we carry out a full LAN audit to ensure supportability and to provide any recommendations for improvements.

We can also provide a remote monitoring service: every network device is constantly monitored to ensure service availability and efficiency levels are maintained.

Wide Area Networks:

Our wide area network services include a management service of your wide area network (WAN). This service includes monitoring, liaison with the third party WAN provider, patch cable management, change management, security monitoring and reporting, router and switch back up management, and remote access support.

WAN Optimisation

We also offer deployment, support and management of WAN optimisation technologies such as WAN Accelerators and Wide Area File Servers.

Wireless Networks:

Our wireless network services deliver the peace of mind that your wireless network is secure, reliable and maintained without the need for specialist internal IT knowledge or resources. The services, which cover the full range of remote controller and access point configuration, management, support, monitoring, and maintenance activities, are delivered remotely.

Converged Communications

The adoption of IP as the communications protocol of choice has revolutionised how business voice services are delivered. Organisations no longer need to invest and manage two independent communications systems for their business - Concorde IT Group's customers can now deploy voice services over their existing data networks to achieve better value and significantly improve business productivity.

Unified Communications

Concorde IT Group Unified Communications services allow all employees regardless of location to stay connected to the business. Whether it’s integrating voices services into your Exchange email system, connecting remote and mobile workers to anywhere to anywhere telephony services or integrating your business applications and the Internet into your communications infrastructure. Concorde has the IP, voice and networking expertise to deliver an integrated, cost effective and business enhancing communications strategy for your organisation.