Unified Threat Management

In today’s Information age, demand for continuous reliable internet connectivity cannot be denied. As an individual user or as an employee in your organisation, The latest blended threats are waiting to attack YOU by identifying one vulnerable moment when your defenses are low. These can be the latest  viruses, malware, spam, Trojans and insider attacks like data theft and leakage or destruction. Securing YOU – the User, thus becomes critical! How can you ensure reliable continuous security against the latest sophisticated IT security threats?

Concorde's Unified intergrated identity-based security solutions can secure your every move at work, at home and while you travel – from your network gateway to your user endpoints. It binds security with your identity and works as your private security guard, even when you are away from work or at home. Its endpoint security protects your sensitive data by securing your endpoints, storage devices and controlling applications.

Traditionally Many experts are needed to monitor each security product or layer to keep your information safe and secure, whilst maintaining a working guard for your business critical information. This requires synchronisation between products which will multiply both time and man hours.  This is not beneficial to your business needs, causing confusion, and ultimately an attack on both your information and budget.
Using the very latest in SonicWALL, WatchGuard, Cryptocard and Cisco technologies, Concorde bring you "Unified Security" - a complete 8 Layer security solution stack that can monitor the information security plain without the boundaries of cost and time. 

Our "Unified Security"  solution will provide you with the full end to end security stack from user data to the data centre but instead of traditional individual securtiy products "Unified Security" provides a fully intergrated and Managed Service that give your business the re assurance that you are protected 24x.

"Unified Security covers":


    Unified Security is a security solution that is maintained in one place, with complete control over all the elements needed to keep all your computing needs secure whilst keeping guard over the landscape. The complete solution stands firm to identify and flag any unwanted movement across the information highways, leaving those inside to move with complete freedom using VPN access.
    Take advantage of:  


    • Flexible access whatever the environment
    • Send sensitive documents with the complete knowledge of confidentiality
    • Block unwanted downloading of files on any device at any location
    • Block unwanted downloading of files from any web or social networking site


    With such benefits as complete integration, a lower total cost of ownership, simple to manage with easier flexible access, it is the modern approach to handle your business' security needs. Help your mobile workforce connect securely anytime, anywhere, on any allowed device with the comfort that it is all under lock and key - logged and secure for you in one accessible location.