Data/File Archiving (DataVAULT)

Our data archiving solution has been designed to help you move your valuable data from high cost storage to a more cost effective storage tier.

Email, home directories, databases and other content stores are growing at unprecedented rates, increasing both file storage requirements and management complexity. 

Archive solutions can help if you implement the right level of performance, data protection and data retention to meet legal discovery timelines or data preservation goals.

We offer a Unified Storage solution that delivers:

    • Rapid access to your data
    • Flexible data retention that helps enable compliance
    • Less complexity with lower costs
    • Data archiving solutions for email, files, databases, SAP®, and Microsoft® SharePoint®

    If you're an existing NetApp customer, you should consider our DataVAULT, our Enterprise cloud data protection service. It's an offsite disk to disk backup solution that uses NetApp's highly efficient and reliable Snapvault technology.

    With DataVault, you gain speed and reliability and lose the cost and burden of managing a day to day backup operation.

    Here are a few specific benefits of DataVAULT:

    • Faster backup; it takes minutes rather than hours (or in some cases, even days)
    • More reliable backup; 100% success rates are the norm
    • Smaller backup footprint; transferring only new or incremental data which minimises network traffic and reduces the disk capacity needed by approx 90%
    • Reduced tape usage; ability to store days, weeks, months or even years of backups online, reducing or even eliminating tapes altogether
    • Fast recovery; native format backups enable users to 'browse and restore' and deliver fast applications plus virtual machine recovery
    • Reduced admin overheads; policy based backups automatically manage and maintain your backup files
    • No more 'backup windows'; backups can be run at any time, with no impact on your business systems