Disaster Recovery Services

Minimise downtime during a disaster

Recover your data within minutes using Concorde's Disaster Recovery services
Concorde's Disaster Recovery solutions can restore your entire IT infrastructure into a virtual server environment located at your Primary Site, DR site or in one of Concorde's data centres. This gives you the peace of mind that your systems are fully recoverable, enabling a rapid response in the face of disaster.

If an unforeseen incident is to take place and your data is lost or corrupted, your equipment does not have to be immediately replaced. Concorde will help execute your custom data Restoration and Disaster Recovery Plan knowing that your data is safely stored in our tier 3 data centres.

Both onsite and offsite Disaster Recovery solutions are available and unlike many providers, regular DR tests are carried out for your organisation so that an efficient Disaster Recovery Plan can be formulated. Every recovery process is documented, so all parties know the exact procedure to follow in the event of a disaster.

If the worst happens it is crucial that the Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) have been clearly defined during your Disaster Recovery tests to ensure that your operations are fully recovered as efficiently as possible.

Onsite Disaster Recovery
For companies who already have their own redundant infrastructure in place or for those who require an environment to recover to, Concorde can provide fully tailored onsite Disaster Recovery solutions. This will provide the instant ability to recover a single server or an entire network.

If your company already has an environment set up, Concorde can develop a solution to protect as many live servers as required. In the event of a disaster, they will help you recover to this infrastructure and get your company back on its feet as quickly as possible. Assistance in developing a realistic Disaster Recovery Plan is provided, with documented procedures on the recovery on each and every live server.

For those companies who have no redundant infrastructure in place, Concorde can provide a virtual environment ready to recover to. This will be fully tailored to your requirements, based on the number of live servers protected, Operating Systems and applications. Then, as above, Concorde will perform a full DR test to document the recovery process.

Offsite Disaster Recovery
A disaster can strike at any time. A company that does not have a sound contingency in place can be exposed to prolonged downtime, causing loss of revenue and irreversible damage to its reputation. Concorde can keep this downtime to an absolute minimum and keep your business functioning as normal.

Within their primary data centre, Concorde has implemented a clustered Flexpod using a VMware suite running on the market leading  hardware and software platforms such as NetApp Storage and Cisco UCS Servers. This provides the capacity to carry out full recovery of hundreds of customer servers at any time. The offsite DR solution, called FLEXCloud, eliminates the need for companies to set up their own infrastructure to restore to in the event of a disaster.

Concorde can protect as many servers as you require and in the event of a disaster they can be recovered into the FLEXCloud environment. These servers are then made available via a secure internet connect or VPN or Microsoft Direct Access. As the solution is hosted, any number of users can connect in from anywhere in the world, allowing businesses to continue operating.

Nationwide DR Seats
For many companies, relocating staff in the event of a disaster is crucial for a business to continue to function. Concorde therefore can provide nationwide Disaster Recovery seats. Companies have the choice from hundreds of locations, so in the event of a disaster, staff can be relocated at short notice. Concorde can then provide full remote access to your company’s servers and your business can continue to operate. The remote offices can be available to one staff member or hundreds as pricing is based on the number of users or seats.

So why not speak to a Concorde account manager today to receive expert advice on a solution to meet your requirements?

    • Complete recovery of entire environments
    • Secure access to your environment from any internet connection in the world
    • Free annual Disaster Recovery testing
    • Full documentation of the DR test
    • Simple, straight forward pricing
    • Access to a nationwide network of DR centres
    • Worldwide Data Centres
    • 24 / 7 support and monitoring available
    • Dedicated account management
    • Proactive support, remote/phone/email
    • Assistance in meeting any regulatory compliant (FAS, PCI and Freedom of Information)
    • ISO 9001 and 27001 certified
    • Only use / recommend market leading solutions