Continuous Back-Up (MirrorVAULT)

Designed for critical file systems, we provide a continuous back-up solution to prevent the loss of data generated throughout the day. 

Traditional technologies provide back-up on a 24 hour batch basis, leaving data created during the day vulnerable to loss.

This solution sits in the background and makes copies of changes in your system and to data files as they happen so that if disaster strikes, you can effectively turn back time. Continuous back-up is different in that you don't have to specify the point in time to which you would like to recover until you are ready to perform a restore.

With our continuous back-up, there are no schedules; when data is written to disk, it is also written to a second location over the network. and you nominate the files that are to be backed up instantly offsite. 

Should an application crash or a failure occur, you are able to restore the most recent file version with a few clicks of a mouse.

Continuous back-up technologies are complex and need to be designed with the existing infrastructure in mind. 
We can help you choose the right solution for you. There are a number of dependents to be considered: application, platform, network connectivity, and recovery options.