Unified Communications and Telephony

The concept of unified communications is quite simple. It allows messages to be sent using one form of communication system and received through any other system used by the business.

As a result, business agility and responsiveness is improved and more efficient day to day operations can be achieved. 

What's even better is that we can bring these different forms of communication together for you.

Most businesses make use of desktop telephones, mobile phones, email, voicemail, SMS text messaging and instant messaging however most of these solutions are entirely stand alone. 

This can be confusing to your customers who may leave different messages on different communications tools when trying to reach an individual within your company. 

Wouldn't it make sense if they could leave one message and the intended recipient received it immediately?

This is what unified communications can do for you. 

It alerts you as soon as someone tries to get in touch. Whether you're away from the office, in a meeting or on the move, you can always be accessible if required.

As well as making businesses more efficient and productive, unified communications can save you time, money and help you to improve customer service and satisfaction.

We have highly developed skills in Microsoft, Avaya and Cisco technologies and make use of sophisticated tools and solutions to ensure we unify communications in the right way for your business, linking together individuals, contact centres, central offices and branches in a single end-to-end infrastructure. 

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