Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery


Build Reliable and Efficient Disaster Recovery Plans

Eliminate the cost and unpredictability of traditional disaster recovery solutions by taking advantage of the inherent flexibility of a 100% virtualised data centre. Utilise this foundation to build highly effective disaster recovery plans and test your plan in a non-disruptive manner, eliminating the risk of failure due to hardware differences between the primary and backup datacenters.

Traditional disaster recovery plans require many manual, complex steps to allocate recovery resources, perform bare metal recovery, recover data and validate that systems are ready for use. 

How optimised is your Disaster Recovery plan?

VMware virtualisation simplifies IT environments. Hardware configuration, firmware, operating system install, application install, all become data stored in just a few files on disk. Protect these files using your backup or replication software and you've protected the entire system. These files can then be recovered to any hardware without requiring any changes because virtual machines are hardware-independent.


  • Ensure Reliable Recovery
  • Reduce the Cost of Disaster Recovery
  • Automated Disaster Recovery


Virtualise servers, desktops and applications to ensure data protection, deliver high availability and meet your disaster recovery goals. Eliminate planned downtime and minimise unplanned downtime through virtualisation.

Protect your data with non-disruptive backups, maintain high availability with live migration and fault tolerance capabilities for virtual machines and build rapid and reliable automated disaster recovery plans without the cost of duplicating your datacenter infrastructure and the complexity of manual recovery.




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