Remote support

Remote Monitoring and Management

We can monitor your IT systems and infrastructure around the clock to maximise performance and availability, quickly detecting potential problems and generating alerts to avoid downtime and errors. 

Problems are avoided, computers continue to operate and people remain productive: when problems occur we respond within minutes. 

Our highly trained technical support engineers deal with incidents by phone with control options that allow them to access your systems remotely.

What are the benefits of this service?

  • Maximum uptime and minimum business disruption.
  • Peace of mind provided by expert remote management.
  • Expert engineers covering all disciplines and products available on tap.
  • Employee productivity improved via less system interruptions.
  • Operating costs and management time on your existing IT estate is reduced.
  • Assured protection against virus attaches, intruders and hackers­-protecting systems and data.
  • Your internal IT resources are freed up for more value-added and strategic activity.
  • By looking after your general day-to-day IT maintenance housekeeping requirements, we free up your time in order for you focus on other aspects of your business.

What's covered?

  • Proactive 24x7x365 remote monitoring. This detects issues, provides alerts and enables action before serious impact on your IT systems.
  • Expert systems administrators manage your infrastructure: servers, routers, network applications and more.
  • Engineers restart monitored services and processes to return to normal service as quickly as possible.
  • Remote application updates, server administration and backups at agreed times maintain system availability, along with restarting failed backups.
  • Complete patch management.
  • Routine but essential tasks including, disk defragmentation, temporary file deletion, scheduled reboots and application support.
  • Secure connectivity via a dedicated endpoint; all remote monitoring uses secure platforms and encrypted connections.
  • Change management for swift and safe transitions, altered thresholds and to add new monitors.
    Monthly reports.